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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

3 Reasons Why I Approve Of Same Sex Relationships

February 16, 2016
by Grimwald
Well, it really looks like Manny Pacquiao is adamant about running for senator in the coming elections and there’s little anyone can do about it. As a matter of fact, considering the kind of mindset majority of Filipinos have, it won’t be all that surprising if he actually wins and uses his seat in the senate as a sleeping bag. Anyway, we all know the man’s sentiments when it comes to the LGBT community. According to him, people like him and their “god”, people who find love in the arms of people of the same sex are worse than animals. Take note however that this “god” is the same entity that is convincing Manny Pacquiao to run for senate so he can spend more time sleeping when not in a boxing or basketball match.
Anyway, LGBT relationships in the Philippines is a delicate topic and a very polarizing one at that. More likely than not, one person will side with its approval while the other will openly condemn it and consider is a blasphemy to God. Manny Pacquiao and those who agree with him (like Mar Roxas, for instance) sit on the latter for the simple reason that their “god” said so without considering the context of said words in the Bible.
Also note how our society just loves to stereotype homosexuals and perceive gays as flamboyant drag queens and lesbians as gruff ladettes who like to do manly things. The idea of a manly gay or a feminine lesbian almost never occurs in the mind of the homophobic Pinoy. Bisexuals are also rather disdained by many and aren’t clearly understood and are all too often assumed to be gay or lesbian. What’s worse is the idiotic myth that drowning or beating gays will turn them into real men or raping a lesbian will make her a woman that continue to circulate in our moronic society.
However, I for one wish to tolerate the LGBT community and their relationships and here’s why:
LGBT People Deserve To Love And Be Loved Too
I’m sure that the homophobics of the Philippines will once again resort to using the Bible to justify their hatred. More likely than not, they’re probably going to cite the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as signs of God’s displeasure towards homosexuals and homosexuality. They’re also likely to use words from the Book of Deuteronomy as reasons for their rabid ignorance towards the LGBT community.
Well, now that I think about it, God probably wasn’t even talking about homosexuality at all. I think that He was actually referring to promiscuity and depravity which are problems that are just as bad today as they were back then. If anything, God was probably referring to the way people back then tried to rape everyone they could get their hands on, regardless whether they were male of female just so they could have a good time. And mind you, rape is also every bit a problem today as it was back then, especially in our country where it’s even believed by a backward few that raping a lesbian will reverse her gender preferences.
A sincere homosexual relationship is different from just wanton promiscuity and perversion. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because, if one reads the Bible carefully, it was because everyone in town wanted to rape the “foreigners” that came to visit Lot’s house. Oh and “to know” was a euphemism in the Bible for sex, in case you guys didn’t know. God also spoke against homosexuality, or more precisely anal sex, because at the time, people could get all kinds of diseases from it in the same way that God spoke against eating pork as there was no way that early Jews could prepare pork safely for consumption. Today is different from back then as we now have “safe sex” practices that can prevent the spread of STDs just as we now have a means to prepare pork and kill all the pathogens it carries so as to be safe to eat.
I think that God would honor a dedicated homosexual relationship over a dishonest marriage between straight people. There is a clear distinction between “sexuality” and “depravity” ladies and gentlemen and I hope most of you reading this know that. Unfortunately, given the kind of society we have that still seems to be stuck in the Stone Age, is it really any surprise that we all too often misplace one with the other?
Homosexuals Are A Failsafe Against Overpopulation
Contrary to what Manny Pacquiao might have said, homosexual does in fact occur in animals. There are a lot of theories surrounding it and why it occurs but one of the major theories about it is that it prevents overpopulation. Indeed when there are too many animals in a given environment, they may overfeed and kill off their fellows through starvation.
Homosexual animal couples occur, according to some scientists, so that Nature (or, if you really want to talk about it that way, God) can put a cap on the populations of some animals. This is often noted in many social animals (animals that travel in groups) such as wolves, bats and birds. Also, there are many animals like frogs and some fish who change their gender according to either the conditions of their surroundings or their innate biological clocks. These are just a few examples I can note compared to tons of other research done by scientists, but what can we expect from a legislator who spends most of his working hours sleeping?
Anyway, as some of you may note, the occurrence of homosexuals in our country is on the rise. Some say that this may be a sign of the times or something. If you ask me though, it is indeed a sign of the times as God is telling us to stop breeding irresponsibly. While a big population can be helpful to a country, if its constituents are unproductive and even destructive in the long run, then it’s all for naught.
LGBT People Can Be Good Parents
Another finding that researchers have discovered is that homosexual animal couples in social animals help take care of orphans in their community. For instance a gay wolf couple can take care of a pup whose parents have died and teach it the right tactics of hunting in a pack. Another example would be a lesbian bat couple who can teach baby bats who have lost their parents to fly as, contrary to what many of you may think, flying for flying animals is neither effortless nor simple and may require considerable training before it can be mastered.
The thing is, there may be a lot of straight couples in the Philippines with lots of children but I’ve seen my share of straight couples who can’t even raise their children correctly. In the end, they breed like rats and have absolutely no idea of how to raise their children and, in a lot of cases even, lack the resources to give them any hope of a good future. I’m a straight guy myself but I’ve just seen too many straight couples in the country who lack any real love or respect for their children and treat them more like pets than human beings. I’m sure some of you here even remember a young woman who put a collar and leash on her baby and treated the poor girl like a dog.
Okay, before I continue, let’s go back to the Bible ladies and gentlemen. After all, I’m pretty sure that the detractors of this article will be using it a lot. I’m sure you know about the story of King Solomon and I’m sure the vast majority of those who have read the Bible know the story when there were these two women fighting over a baby. For those not in the know, this is what happened:
Solomon ordered that the baby be cut in half so that each woman would have at least half of the baby. One woman didn’t mind but the other begged the king to give the baby to the other woman just so that the baby would live. King Solomon then declared that the woman who begged for the baby’s life was the real mother as she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness so that her child may live.
Now I know I’m just taking the words out of context myself, not unlike the many Bible Bashers out there who are likely doing the same thing. However, I’d like to point out the possibility that the woman who begged for the baby’s life might not have been the baby’s biological mother at all. However, even is she wasn’t the one who actually gave birth to the baby, it was clear that she loved the baby enough to let someone else have it just so the baby may live. So even if she wasn’t biological mother, she was the baby’s true mother in spirit.
I’m going to say the same thing about homosexual couples and that, I’d rather give a child to a gay or lesbian couple who can give the child genuine respect, love and support than a straight couple who see them less as their own children and more like expensive pets…
[Photo courtesy Reddit.]


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