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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nothing New in the #Philippines

Nothing New in the #Philippines
The run up to the farcical 2016 elections just keeps on getting better and better like a B-movie on steroids gone wild.

First off, the Omnibus election code has been violated so many times already that anyone with a working piece of gray matter will see the farce glaringly.

Second, all the politicians are running on the same platform of nationalism, tax and spend welfare statism, crony-ism, protectionism. It doesn’t matter whether it is Poe, Binay, Duterte, or Roxas – it’s all the same!  What do these morons have to offer? Are they offering me a job? Are they paying my bills? Or are they taking my income away?

In other words, these politicians have nothing new, but MORE OF THE SAME bullshit.
  • More unemployment
  • More cronies getting rich
  • More tax money squandered and pilfered in bullshit government programs
  • More poverty
  • More people going to jail for immoral, tyrannical, and misinformed laws
  • More criminal activity by government

Ain't this the truth? And you are still voting.. SCREW EM ALL - DON'T VOTE
Ain’t this the truth? And you are still voting.. SCREW EM ALL – DON’T VOTE

Here’s my standard answer to all of you who are obedient slaves:
1 – Elections are a useless exercise
2 – Government is a war mongering, fear mongering criminal enterprise
3 – Government employees and officials should be tarred, feathered, and sent to the bottomless pit.
4 – I don’t want to have anything to do with your mental retardation
5 – I will do what I can wherever and whenever to roll back, eliminate, abolish government peacefully and promote freedom and peace
So having said that, what next?
Here’s what I am going to do:
1 – I will focus on earning a livelihood.
2 – I will let government implode out of its own stupidity – the law of entropy will take care of that.
3 – In instances where there is government presence, I will just go with the flow so as to protect myself from government harassment. However, I will educate people I come to contact with on the primacy of freedom and the futility of government institutions.
4 – I will ignore and push back on any attempts to promote a wider role for government by doing my own stuff.

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