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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Never Reheat These 7 Foods – They Can Poison Your Family

We often have the tendency to warm our food even 2, 3 times and more. There are all sorts of foods that can be warmed before they are consumed. But some foods should not be warmed because they could cause serious damage.
In this article we will present a list of 7 foods that shouldn’t be warmed and consumed:
1. Potatoes
Potatoes are loaded with so many health benefits. But once they turn cold after preparation, they lose most of these benefits including their dietary quality. If you reheat them now, they can be quite damaging to your health and don’t offer any benefits.
2. Chicken
Chicken meat is one of the tastiest meats, but this is true only if you eat the chicken right after it is prepared. If you warm up the chicken the next day, it can harm your health.
After one day, the protein structure changes leading to digestive issues. Remember that the chicken comes with larger quantities of protein compared to red meat. It is advised to consume chicken cold.
However, if you still want to warm it, at least use low temperature and heat it for a longer period of time.
3. Spinach
Make it a rule of life never to re-heat anything that has spinach in it. If it is cooked and stored, eat it as such. As already mentioned, spinach is loaded with tons of nitrates. They are good for your health.
But when you heat them, these nitrates turn into nitrites. These are carcinogenic and very harmful.
4. Beets
Just like spinach, beets are also storehouse of nitrates. So make sure that anything that contains beets is not re-heated. It is going to be extremely harmful for your body.
5. Eggs
This comes as a surprise, but even eggs fall into this list. In fact, they can prove to be deadly if they are warmed at higher temperatures.
If you add eggs during preparation, they are not going to do any harm. But when you reheat boiled or fried eggs, they can be very dangerous.
6. Mushrooms
These are the most harmful foods when reheated. Never store mushrooms in the fridge. Just consume them right after you have prepared them. Even if you must store them for the next day, make sure you don’t reheat them.
It can otherwise develop digestive and heart complications.
7. Celery
Celery is a vegetable that is frequently used in soups. Just like spinach, this vegetable is packed with nitrates and as we said before warmed nitrates become nitrites.
If you are planning to warm the soup once again after you have prepared it, make sure that the celery is out. Something similar happens with carrots, so remove them too.

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