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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP Before It’s Too Late

Health experts constantly suggest us to increase the fish intake in our diet, for fish meat is easy to digest because contains fatty omega acids that are considered extremely beneficial for the body.
However, not all fish fulfill this criterion. Namely, tilapia in particular, is a far cry from any regular fish that you would eat.
It is a white fish, mild in taste, extremely cheap to breed and apparently has biggest sales, probably due to its low price.
Tilapia is easy to cook, and as it is boneless and skinless, numerous people really enjoy to consume.
However, its consumption is at times seriously problematic issue. Namely, the majority of this fish is not reproduced in natural conditions, but is cultivated in factory farms instead. In opposite to Wild Tilapia which feed its self with algae and plants, the fish we buy in stores comes from factory farms, where it consumes different kinds of feeds and fertilizers.
Additionally, fish farms can use a whole lot of chemicals to keep Tilapia alive and breed them. Factory farm – bred Tilapia is often fed a diet of corn and soy which is available in bulk quantities (about 94% of soy in USA is GMO), thus making tilapia breeding a cost effective exercise.
Since a lot of chemicals are used during their farming, these same harmful substances can end up in our body when we consume this fish. Eating Farm bred fish do not provide the required nutrients we normally get from eating fish.

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