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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Common Enemy

By Ann Klein

Islamic terrorists are today’s Fascist, not Donald Trump. I am not saying I’m for, or against, The Donald. I’m  saying I’m opposed to hateful rhetoric and hypocrisy. In particular, a few weeks ago, The Donald was pictured on Face Book with a swastika and compared to Hitler. Although he is arrogant, deprecating and some of his ideas, in my opinion, impractical, that does not justify the use of bigotry by comparing him to Hitler. 

Sometimes, I wonder if to distract from Hillary’s less than stellar record, before, during and after secretary of state, the only recourse some on the far left have is to discredit all conservatives by calling them racists. Not only did Hillary state that she wasn’t aware of Ambassador Steven’s 650 requests for protection, she told her daughter the attack on his embassy was caused by terrorists while she told the American people it was caused by a video. Then she stored government documents on her home computer and deleted at least 3,000, claiming these pertained to yoga and personal correspondence. And that doesn’t cover her fundraising with foreign countries who violate women’s rights while she portrays herself as being an advocate of same.

Meanwhile, according to Fox News, 77 percent of Americans have no faith in our government’s ability to protect them from ISIS attacks in this country. Despite that, the President wants us to be humanitarians by allowing 10,000 Syrian refuges, who cannot be vetted, into this country.

At the same time, our open borders have saved 11 million illegal immigrants, drug dealers, murderers and we are infiltrated with  camps of ISIS terrorists.

Were this not suffice, our national debt approaches 20 trillion, a reported 94.4 percent of Americans are unemployed and the President wants us to believe climate control is our biggest problem.

So no wonder the Donald is popular with those tired of a corrupt, socialistic administration and a do little or nothing congress. They are looking for a Messiah and don’t care if he tells Putin to get a haircut. But on the serious side, there are other candidates such as Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, who, in my opinion, would do a better job of leading our country than Hillary or Trump.

Lest we forget, Hitler came into power using Jews as scapegoats for Germany’s economic failures. How does that differ from labeling conservatives racists to win an election. 

That said, wouldn’t it be better if as opposed to being divided by hateful rhetoric, which is totally un-American, we united to resolve our problems.  If we cannot save the world, perhaps we can save ourselves. Then, perhaps, we can lead the world instead of being fiddle playing bystanders. 

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