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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oats : A Precious Remedy That Deserves More Attention

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Today we will talk about oats, which is an extremely precious remedy with a high nutritional value hidden inside the grain.
Oats (avena sativa) is a plant that belongs to the family of grasses. This cereal contains valuable minerals which are very important for our body. It contains iodine, phosphorus, chlorine, manganese, magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc, biotin, niacin and numerous vitamins.
Oats should be used in our daily diet because it keeps the health of the bodyand strengthens its natural defense mechanisms.
Oats is a easily digestible food, and therefore it is often recommended for people who have frequent problems with the digestive system, or those dealing with the gut disease of the intestines. But also is very helpful in various inflammatory processes, such as inflammation in the airways.
This grain is recommended for people that feel exhausted and weak and for anemic children, in the form of porridge or oat flakes. Oat flakes can be consumed simply with warm milk or in combination with other products.
Oats helps in improving the blood, stimulates the brain, strengthens teeth and bones, stimulates growth and the development of children and strengthens the muscle mass in adults.
oats natural remedies
It is recommended not to cook the oats longer than 5 minutes because in this way you will preserve its overall nutritional value, and if it is already cooked, it is even easier to digest.
Oats is proven to be effective in regulating the blood sugar levels. With the regular consumption of oats, after a certain period the blood sugar will start to lower.
Experts say that the oat grain is the best source of calcium among the cereals and beta-glucan in oats reduce the cholesterol levels and therefore reduce the risk of blood vessels and heart disease.
Oats can be used in combination with various types of vegetables in salads and stews or with milk, yogurt and fruit or in the form of oat flakes.
The cooked oats can consumed by adding tomatoes, onion, cucumber, sliced ​​fresh spices like mint and parsley, and making a healthy, nutritious, delicious and refreshing summer salad.

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