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Monday, November 16, 2009


Fellow Knights all over the globe,

I wish I have the time and resources of Sir Lucien patiently tracking down Dr. Rizal' whereabouts in Europe that one author aptly described Rizal, "the wandering Jew".

The attachment that is ready to download is an attempt and hopefully there is something to gain for your weekend reading.

Jose Sison Luzadas
Delray Beach, FL


Sir Fran Pulumbarit, KGOR, took this picture below when we were in Barcelona, Spain. The book on display is Leon Ma. Guerrero's award winning biography of Dr Rizal, "THE FIRST FILIPINO". I brought the book along when I joined a pilgrimage tour that includes Spain.

Incidentally, It was in Barcelona where Rizal wrote his first literary work in Spain, titled "Amor Patrio" meaning "love of country". It appeared in "DIARONG TAGALOG", Manila's daily using a pseudonym, "Laon Laan". When he moved to Madrid and joined the Freemasons, Rizal chose "DIMAS ALANG as his AKA name. His other alias he used writing articles for La Solidaridad is the pen name, "MAY PAGASA".

Jose Sison Luzadas, KGOR

Delray Beach, FL


maximo fabella said...

Sir Joe: makes me want to visit
the place in the picture. i wish
we had an intl assembly in Madrid,
Barcelona, Ghent. I was in Heidelberg,
and enjoyed it.Youngest sister, alma karlsen was there. she took
me europe to copenhagen, and TIVOLI
gardens. I spent 11 glorious days in scandinavia. I even found an ex
UE student there.

maximo fabella said...

Your picture reminded me of our
Heidelberg visit years back. No
international assembly in Barcelona
or Madrid? It was arranged by
sirs Hans Schoof kgcr, alexander
mushake, kgcr