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Monday, March 19, 2007


March 16th, 2007

Dear Fellow Rizalists:

In the last few weeks, my inbox had been flooded with letters of resignations from notable KOR members from Europe. Reading each letter from them day in and day out was so painful. It sometimes made me cried. Again today we received 2 of them, including the one from Sir Peter Eisele himself. I wonder who’ll be sending those letters to us now? I know there are lots of other good members not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world like Canada and even the Philippines, who resigned for the same reason. We may not have read all their letters of resignation. I myself tendered one to Canada Region last 21st December 2006. Frustrations, sense of betrayal from the very top to the ideals of Rizalism are just unbearable.

“Utang na loob”, “padrino system,” personal interest and other practices of the like really exist in the KOR organization. Do they think those practices are virtues? Over a year ago, I received an e-mail from a young and very promising knight from Manila. He said the system in the IHQ is exactly the mirror of how the government works in the Philippines. Now we know why the Philippine economy is in such a state of stagnancy! Where do we go from here?

Is an independent International Knights of Rizal the answer to our woes? Will it change the attitudes and the shameful practices in Manila? If it will, you can count on me. But honestly I don’t think it will. Most likely it will make them do more of the same. Of course, there will be no more white and black knights charging and hounding them. Perhaps this flood of resignation letters from well intentioned knights should be followed by letters or personal confrontation of high ranking officers in Foreign Chapters and some honorable officers in Manila. But wait, I see another obstacle. Regional commanders and their deputies, the high ranking officers are appointed by the Supreme Commander. Can we honestly expect them to question the one who gave them their positions? The controllers controlling themselves? I heard it before. Now we see the problem here. Alas, I’m running out of ideas! Will somebody please help me out?

Meanwhile, please allow me to pray fervently as Father Florentino did when he witnessed that Simoun was about to die. May the ideals of Dr. Jose Rizal and his martyrdom in the field of Bagumbayan inspire and guide us all in our undertakings, including those we all very much criticize.


Lino Reyes, ex-KCR
Lifetime Member # 347
Ex-Chair – Education and Fundraising Committee

Canada Region

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