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Friday, March 2, 2007


Hello KOR:

The propositions to formulate Resolutions and Petitions are not feasible as you have cited, the High command in the Philippines ignored your plea. Under any circumstances conventions of ALL leaders or all ranking officials of chapters in Europe could be an alternative. Don't you think it is time to see who is red or blue in your KOR communities in Europe. I mean, who support this issue or not? Consolidate the minds to find a good resolutions. This can not be a pursuit of one or two persons from KOR. This must be a collective effort or actions from KOR Europe to make your "pursuit" stronger and effective.

The people whom you sent those emails will not bother because they have no right to interfere. they can not march outside and wave plackards condemning the "perpetrators" because this matter is strictly an affair of the insiders KOR. Although I sympathize your cause, (I think others also do) I have no right to condemn Mr. Paras arrogantly and publicly. If that is what you expected as a sign of support. I assumed that most email recipient agree on this. The question of integrity problem in leadership in your organization is an important matter to be taken care of by among the authorities and leaders who are vested with the power and responsibilities to perform troubleshooting in the event of any turmoil or crisis in the communities of KOR.

Maybe its high time to check KOR by-laws, policies on electing, appointing leaders and officers. the credibility of leaders are based on the qualifications or criteria set by KOR. How could this happen? Why let him go to the highest position, surpassing the limits when your members and officers know his credibility. There must be check and balances in the first place from the very beginning. Every leader is accountable. As this is a commitment. It is true that it must be stop, Otherwise it will be repeated by the next generation of leaders. NEPOTISM (as you have cited) is a vice of every corrupt society. Is it true in KOR?

The task to change lies on the fundamental needs of the society. The need to grow and progress. The need to correct what is wrong and maintain what is good. It always entails risk. Is it worth the risk? The great challenge is to face amidst criticism, antagonism and indifference and succeed!

I hope you and company will deliberately take positive actions with your EU comrades rather than pursuing email arguments. The real essence of the issue is getting out of hand by prolongation of the meaningless arguments. We have all understood your points. However, the last resort, implementation of necessary measures belongs to KOR I hope to hear that actions have been done by your responsible, committed EU KOR leaders and members and transmitted to Philippines higher command. I am sure their sense of justice and fairness within the framework of integrity will dignified a good result.


A friendly advice, to be a FISCALIZER is not an easy task. So, try not to negate the very essence of the cause you are fighting for by being very objective. Elaborated messages about the main issue do not conform anymore to the interest and taste of most people.

I feel concern, because I know how it is to fight for a cause. To stand up and fight for the principles and ideals you believe are right and good.

I was an activist my self, during the late 70’s, I am a veteran of Mendiola and the first EDSA. My social action background 30 years ago, although liberal was practically spent alongside with my profession, it still remain but never it gets out of my values. Our group was moderate but radical to some extend,not necessarily red liner. For the first time, I should mentioned it, rather to clear your perceptions that nobody brings this matter to our analysis. There are I know and I am one . But I put it in proper perspective as we are in a different environment now. the silent reactions does not mean condoning the faults of Mr. Paras, we still presumed that by law he is "innocent unless proven guilty" inspite of the overwhelming evidences. In every democratic society, a due process of law is uphold regardless of status and color or nationality. I am sure this is also included in KOR principles and ethics, considering its international scope and standing.

to answer your comments:

I am sorry to tell you that the attitudes of some Filipinos are hard to conceive specially on matters like this. Very few would take a minute or two to sustain an action for a cause which is not relevant to them. So do not take it against them. I am sure some have reservations.

I take courage, I decided to answer for the second time (my last) your email to bring some rationalities to the "cause" you are pursuing. By not replying or requesting to be eliminated in the list by some, does not mean that we lost our love for our beloved country and our respect to the principles and teaching of our hero Jose Rizal. It does not mean that we do not care for the depressing situations caused by lack of good governance in our country by our leaders. that we non KOR members have no profound perceptions about the negligence and arrogance and corruptions of some leaders in the community.

Please consider that each group and organization is govern by its own laws and regulations, therefore any wrongdoings committed by a member is subject to its own rules Do you think it is proper that anybody outside your group could come to interfere and command for actions in your organization. You call it in Tagalog "PAKIALAM" and the person pakialamero. At this instance, I am now in that category. Being outspoken when it is demanded as you are requesting reactions and support. This is of course out of compulsion.

However, if it is a national issues like the "Filipino journalist killings and CGMA-Hello Garci case" and CHA CHA issues", then every Pinoy has the right to initiate, interfere join and support any action towards this national issues. Then anybody for that matter could campaign and demand participation and cooperation.

Oftentimes, Patriotism is a neglected values amidst materialistic instincts. To rationalize it, the balance of economic/practical needs and the degree of moral values and perception of a person is significant.

Ever since, I pursued the cause of social justice and human rights when I used to give lectures and organized with those activist in the original "Smokeys Mountain". my group was "Coalition of Urban Poor Against Poverty" who volunteered to stay day in and out on top of garbage mountains at the outskirts of Manila. It was wiped out until the liberation by People's power in February 1986. Women issues, children, community development and poverty are still the main ingredients in the platform of NGO foundations I founded 12 years ago until this very moment.

At present, my activism takes this form, as a member of Amnesty International local in Brugge, we pampered petition letters to heads of government international countries where human rights violation is practiced (such as Columbia, China/Tibet) and actively part of working group (planning) in Women Emancipation council and Third World council, the social welfare services agencies in the City of Brugge for almost five years and Womens fedration. These got me involved with local election last year as "a voice and a face of migrants (allochtone)and the minorities" which I have been campaigning “ for proper recognition of migrants” ever since I got to know how to be migrant or allochtone in a foreign country. The EU government is responding due to pressures of many active groups, organizations and individuals who are committed for the proper integration and recognition of migrants in the society. SAMAHAN SA BELGIUM has valuable contribution to these challenges and changes.

Just like you, trying to make concrete our goals and visions in life. and these are all a voluntary commitment. No string attached, no complimentary title or awarded recognition and diplomatic, ranking high positions. I think this (title or awards) is detrimental to whatever we really want to fulfill in life. the presence of "Pride and Prejudice" escalates the self-steem of the person. Nobility is disguised by superficialities. I supposed KOR is in crisis now because of this.


as quoted from the book of knowledge, the Bible.

I remember, I rallied not to abolish Rizal course, a one unit credit in college curriculum when I was student. But it was abolished anyway, some Filipinos could not comprehend why Rizal course must be taught to Filipino college students. Maybe KOR could start marching to Education Department in the Philippines to bring back and integrate the teachings of Rizal in High school or college curriculum. What do you think? (Cliff?)

Have you watched the original movie of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo played by Pancho Magalona and Eddie Del Mar? I think you have to find them in our archive and let all KOR members watch. Thats one of the best Filipino classic movies I could never forget. The actors played their role so good that the memories of watching them still reverberated in my mind. I have seen it in my early teens. You could really find meaning in those novels.

GOOD LUCK, May the Almighty bless you in your undertakings

Mrs. Consorcia Scholtz-de Leon
Brugge, Belgium

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