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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

NYU Alumnus to fellow Filipinos: Remember what Leni Robredo stands for

Imagine a world where Robredo is the president.

Imagine a supertyphoon in the magnitude of Haiyan hitting one part of the Philippines, and she is nowhere to be found. The cabinet sectaries she entrusted us to are people like Dinky Soliman. Imagine the agony and the tragedy of Leyte, multiplied all over the Philippines, with increasing regularity as supertyphoons become the new normal. Imagine LP people in power bickering over who should be taking care of this, that. Imagine all of us scrambling to help our fellowmen. 

Imagine prostituting ourselves to other countries as we continue to collect "utang na loob" because our government couldnt take care of us. Imagine her lack of political will and how baranggay kapitans will again lord it over the distribution, choosing only allies to give aid and relief goods to.

Imagine international terrorists reaching Philippine shores. Imagine the havoc they will wreak in the city. And how many foreigners and locals did Abu Sayyaf kidnap or behead in the time of Pnoy? What about Duterte? How come we dont hear from them anymore? Will we see them come back with a vengeance? How will a President Robredo deal with them? By issuing one platitude and press release one after another?

Imagine a government with no sense of accountability. You report that small school children have to swim rivers to get to school, and the appointed secretary, chosen by LP, ignoring this, choosing instead to continue "roadworks" on streets that do not need to be fixed, but because of kickbacks in construction projects, one road will be repaired again and again, causing inconvenience to motorists. You will also notice these projects increasing in frequency as elections in the local level near. Kailangan ng budget pangampanya.

Imagine when, the minute you post your complaint on the President's FACEBOOK wall, Leni Robredo's cabal of advisers will automatically delete your message and block you. You, a taxpaying, productive member of this society, does not exist as far as your President is concerned.

Imagine the loss of free healthcare for the indigent. Imagine the billion peso budget used instead for some congressman's new house and yacht and kids' tuition for schools abroad.

Imagine the rape of the Philippines' natural resources, as our congressmen and senators with mining interests continue their irresponsible practices unabated, unchecked, as they have always done. Imagine the rising number of deaths of tribes people and ethnic groups who died fighting for what is theirs, as mining companies act with impunity, free from the prying eyes of the public, encouraged by permissive and corrupt government officials.

Imagine a country where Mindanao, and our brothers and sisters who live there, is ignored yet again. And while malls continue to be built in Manila, our provinces suffer because of our unitary, centralized system. Imagine the resentment as it continues to boil, and then explode. Imagine the unrest and the civil war in forsaken lands we should have given attention to. We could have prevented this, but we did not. We allowed Mindanao to suffer, and then seethe, and then paint them as the bad guys in the story. Imagine a president with no intimate knowledge of this rich land. Imagine a puppet whose strings are pulled by people 

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