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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WATCH! Columnist Tiglao Hits Leni Robredo : "File Your Resignation As Soon As Possible in Order to Reconcile the Damage You did to the Country.."

Columnist Rigoberto Tiglao  advised Vice President Leni Robredo to file her resignation as soon as possible in order to reconcile with the damage she did to the country.

In his article published under Manila Times, April 5, Tiglao emphasized that a lot of Filipino follows the electronic version of their articles which contains the outrage of Robredo.

According to him, one his articles entitled “Robredo lies to the world, shames the nation”  broke all of Manila Times records for having 200,000 views and 49,000 reactions as of yesterday aside from Professor Antonio Contreras’ post entitled ”The tragedy of Leni Robredo” which has reached 65,000 readers.

Tiglao said Robredo’s political career is now in its demising stage.

“Another indication of Robredo’s political demise is out of 50 regular opinion writers in broadsheets, only one went to her defense over her UN tirade: Philippine Daily Inquirer Rina Jimenez David. Even David wasn’t really sure of her convictions, and merely quoted a statement by “Pilipina,” which she claims is a women’s group, but which you can’t even find any information on through Google,” Rigoberto emphasizing no one is defending her except the mainstream media, Philippine Daily Inquirer.

He concluded that if Duterte’s term will come to end, Robredo will be seated as the next president with a lot of controversies.

“With the outrage against her, if Duterte for some reason has to vacate his post before 2022, I’m afraid Robredo’s assumption to power would probably be blocked by some form of uprising. That would lead our country to a very explosive episode. She should find in her heart the patriotism to resign now, to relieve the country of the worry over such a nightmare scenario. In her heart of hearts, anyway, she doesn’t believe she really won the elections for vice president.”

Tiglao also said that Robredo has no government position and only resorted to bad-mouthing the president demonstrated in her UN video which led to a lot of chaos especially to our OFWs worldwide.


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