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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Read How Filipinos Worldwide React To VP Leni Giving Speech In Cape Town

Vice President Leni Robredo served as a keynote speaker on Women in Leadership Forum held at Cape Town, Africa, April 4.

However, netizens seemed to be ashamed and angry over this matter which is evident to the comments they left in the post of Freedom Foundation Africa.

Salz Mykel said Leni is a fake vice president who is a fraud and her family was corrupt, while Angel Robles said the forum has the worst and non credible speaker for she’s such a liar.

“Leni stop shaming my beloved country!! Stop shaming PDuterte, your nothing but a fake VP,” Ailene Castro commented.

All of the netizens said leni is a liar, traitor and cheater.

“This lady will not get the respect of Filipino People, especially OFWS, a notorious cheater and pathological liar,” Joel Arevalo Ramirez said.

Netizens out of their anger emphasized in their comments Leni to resign from her post because she only creates damage.

Lucas Fernando on the other hand said Leni manipulated the 2016 Vice Presidential race. “She and her party mates tampered our election last May giving her that temporary position. We the Filipino did not believe that she won the election. She keeps on maligning our president and policemen for obvious reason to unseat Duterte. She and her late husband was involved in illegal drug trade and illegal gambling in Naga Camsur. Her party has committed the most heinous crimes to Filipinos in the last 6 years.”

Nasser Zambo encouraged the people of Africa to not believe Leni for betraying the public trust of the country.

A netizen named Rose Manalo-Bortes screen captured the comments from the post of Freedom Foundation Africa and uploaded it using her Facebook account with a caption “BTW, Leni delivered a speech at Freedom Foundation For Africa but they didn't post... just pictures... nevertheless you'll see the comments from Filipinos around the world.”

Source: Rose Manalo-Bortles | Freedom Foundation Africa


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