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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Dental cavities or also called tooth decay are terms used to describe the same condition – damaging of the external surface of teeth caused by the activity of bacteria that dwell in plaque. On the other side, plaque is described as a sticky matter that covers the teeth.
There is a scientific evidence that you can use a particular natural ingredient and it can do miracles for your oral health. Coconut oil is commonly known as a magical oil that is loaded with “miraculous” substances.
It’s not only unique for its ability to fight tooth decay, but also it is proven to be the perfect remedy for yeast infections in the oral cavity, including candida albicans. It is a dangerous yeast, able to cause deadly infections.
Health experts have researched its healing power for decades, and strongly recommend its use.
The Irish researchers have reported that coconut oil modified by enzymes has the ability to replace chemical additives found in modern dental care products.
According to Dr. Damien Brady, head of this research team, dental bacteria is a health issue that is often overlooked even though it affects between 75% and 90% of children and most of the adults in developed countries. Using coconut oil as a dental healthcare product can be a great replacement for chemical additives and the best part is that the effects are visible even with small quantities of this product.
In addition, people are getting more resistant to antibiotics, so it would be better to focus on alternative ways to fight these microbial infections.
Coconut oil is excellent for the health of our gums and contributes to teeth whitening. The reason for this is simple – coconut oil has the ability to soak up heavy metals.

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