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Friday, April 6, 2012

Will the Philippine Senate Ride the Yellow Tiger?

The macabre political circus known as the slam dunk Corona impeachment will take its course one way or another – it will end. The ways it can end legally are either: a) the Senate affirms the articles of impeachment and convicts Corona; or b) the Senate exonerates Corona. Both ways – the process is deemed to be final and executory. What is not final and executory will be the aftermath.

As a political body, the members of the Senate has some serious political calculus to make. On one end, is the ability of the Senate to weigh the evidence judiciously and balance it with the national interest. On the other end, as individuals, each Senator is aware that how they decide in this impeachment will be remembered by history.

As an individual, each Senator is presumably aware that he is not only deciding on a present issue in order to gain pogi points, that’s too short-sighted – though it’s not beneath trapos to include that in the calculus. Those with presidential ambitions will look at this as an opportunity to become an “anointed one”. The opposition, though has yet to find a credible fiscalizer to the fiscalizer.

By their individual choices, each Senator is deciding on the viability of the Senate as an institution – and ultimately the republic itself. However, it is not fair that the burden be placed on the Senate itself alone because it need not have to carry it in the first place.

The articles of impeachment need not have been filed in the first place. But that has now become moot and academic.

The essence of the question then will be whether the Senate has ceased to be independent and has emerged from the shadows to become an out-of-the-closet rubber stamp of the fiefdoms of Tarlac and Makati. If proven true, then the sick man of Asia has just gone into remission and just got sicker – an easy prey for the “Yellow Tiger”.

Tails – Ride the Yellow Tiger, Convict Corona

If Corona’s impeachment is upheld – Aquino claims a victory and the yellow agit-prop teams will work on the “masa” in order to create a condition conducive to removal of the SC justices who decided in favor of distributing HLI. If they succeed, , the newly minted yellow SC may opt to not retry the distribution. But – HLI will milk the government high and dry, down to the bone through increased valuation of improvements which were also made possible through the re-investment of money generated from the same government lands. For short – lulutuin sa sariling mantika – fry in own lard – like chicharon (pork rinds) – and the SC will shut both eyes.

An affirmation of the Corona impeachment will also signal the expansion of the haciendero assault on more SC justices – and their replacement with justices who are more favorable to HLI and Kamag-anak, Inc. This will also signal to the neo-hacienderos beating their chests – that all is well in Asia’s Hacienda Economy. This will mean – an increased inflow in hot money into oligarch companies that are in telecom, energy, toll roads, water, retail, finance, and transport. The increased inflow, however will remain with the Makati Vulture Club – and its crumbs will be *passed off* as growth representative of the entire Philippine economy. Congress and Senate are transformed into doormats of the Aquinos. Meanwhile Filipinos will remain drug mules, pokpoks, and punas pwets to the world.

It will also signal an escalation of yellow name dropping, arm-twisting, and impunity. After all, if the Tarlac mafia can have an ex-President sent to jail, a standing SC impeached – and increase its assets while keeping economic competition at bay – kissing yellow ass will be well rewarded with juicy government positions that do nothing but waste tax money – unaudited.

The majority of Filipino consumers however, will have to cough up more money to ensure the profitability of the companies belonging to the roster of the Makati Vulture Club – all of which are linked with Hacienda Luisita via interlocking directorates and stock swaps. For short – it will be business as usual for Kamag-anak, Inc – courtesy of generous tax subsidies, trade and investment barriers, and negotiated bids.

Heads – Corona is Exonerated

If Corona is exonerated, it will become volatile as the Gepettos who pull the strings of the Aquino Pinocchio Presidency circle the wagons and. The President and his allies will let his legal team take the political fallout. If saner heads in the Aquino government prevail – it will be presented as a “win” that something was done – and play down the exoneration. This is less unlikely as this will embolden Aquino’s opponents.

Or the regime can throw more monkey wrenches against the other SC justices to deprive Corona of a majority if a retrial were to be achieved. The scenario of a prolonged divided government will increase political risk – and that’s on top of a global slowdown forecast for 2012.

Can the Senate tame the Yellow Tiger?

The bottom line really is whether it is justified to uphold the articles of impeachment based on the evidence.

Apparently, talk is rife that a “Plan B” is in the offing, in case the Senate decides that the “evidence” against SC Corona is at best flimsy and will convey such to the House of Representatives and the President. Of course, if the yellow mob is not pleased – threats of disturbance are being telegraphed by the President himself – in the tradition of Hugo Chavez.

The Senate can stand its ground and explain the reasons for exonerating Corona. After all, despite Aquino’s “yellow army” – they only accounted for 40% of the votes – they might just provide the spark around which the opposition can coalesce – and turn Aquino into a lame duck president.

Exoneration can also mean that farmers get a fighting chance. I personally do not approve of land reform in the context of the government exercising coercive powers to take away private property and redistributing it. In the case of Hacienda Luisita, the land in contention was PUBLIC LAND – *NOT PRIVATE* – in the first place. Thus, it’s about time we actually see the law enforced – not just on the small fish – but on the big fish as well. Fair is fair – small landowners gave up their lands and complied with the land reform programs, it’s time Hacienda Luisita’s landowners shut up, fall in line, and get on with the program – just like the rest of us.

Corona’s exoneration can also mean that the Congress and Senate can finally provide more attention to matters of vital national interest – something like.. the economy.. student.

Of course, this assumes that Aquino will not do to the Senate what it already is now doing to the Supreme Court.

Is this really what Enrile, Honasan, and Ramos wanted when they launched the EDSA Putsch against Marcos? To jump from the dictatorship of the Marcos frying pan – into the dictatorship of Aquino’s yellow fire?

I presume that the elder Enrile will draw on his well of wisdom to remind his junior colleagues in the Senate who are compromising the Senate’s independence and what’s left of its integrity.

Caveat emptor - when you ride the tiger – you could wind up with pork barrel and beer belly… este.. wind up in its belly. Wink


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13 Comments on “Will the Philippine Senate Ride the Yellow Tiger?”

  • wenden wrote on 23 January, 2012, 20:48

    publish this is the national newspaper…the yello tiger will last on 2016…unless the dumb ass binay or estrada will run next, sa dami ng bobo sa bansa malamang mananalo pa eto…..but i pin my hope that gordon-bayani tandem will run again i pin my vote to them.


    Hyden Toro Reply:

    The Chinese Dragon in Heaven is very restless to swallow Noynoy Aquino and the Cojuangcos this year, 2012. It’s the Year of the Dragon…


    wenden Reply:

    baka nga masuka ang dragon pagnakain nya ang mga conjuagco at si abnoy.


    Hyden Toro Reply:

    Siguradong isusuka, kung Lasang IPIS sila….

  • Hyden Toro wrote on 24 January, 2012, 15:00

    If we are all seers, and can see the future…then, we don have to think the: “What ifs”.. I believe in a Divine Source, or God, or whatever you call him. Supreme Court Justice Corona was used for a reason, by a loving God, who wanted to wake us up. Everything happens for a reason in our universe…
    If you open to the Book of the Prophet Habbakuk in the Christian Bible. This scripture will answer your speculations: “Write , so that everybody can see…the answer will come in an appointed time…It may delay. But, it will not disappoint…”


  • JP wrote on 25 January, 2012, 8:29

    Just read this! Good article!

    Thought this slip might interest you:

    “It is a very thick document. The only thing that will prevent the witness from identifying or marking the Alpha List is: it contains the names of other tax payers, >>all Justices of the Supreme Court<>>And they are NOT YET– oh, I, I remove the word “yet”. They are NOT under impeachment proceedings, Your Honor.<<<

    An innocent mistake? Freudian slip? Or a sign of things to come?

    http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/video/107438/replay-day-6-of-the-impeachment-trial-of-chief-justice-renato-corona?ref=featured at 1:14:00 onwards.


    Hyden Toro Reply:

    Gustong i-impeach lahat ng Justices of the Supreme Court…this is their plan : to monopolize power. Communist Party Supremo : JOMA Sison is coming back , to take position in Noynoy Aquino’s cabinet…There maybe a plan to take over the government….Trinaydor tayo ni Benigno Aquino, Sr. KALIBAPI collaboration…Traydoring din tayo ngayon ang apo niyang: Benigno Aquino III…so, be vigilant and watchful, including our soldiers in the AFP…


  • Online tutorials wrote on 31 January, 2012, 12:33

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  • F. C. Medina wrote on 19 February, 2012, 4:41

    Thanks, BongV, for this article.


  • eljoff wrote on 19 February, 2012, 6:58

    Thank u for sharing this article…….


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