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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I went on line this evening and there was a lot of hoopla from Pinoys about Miss Shamsey Supsup, the candidate from The Philippines to the Miss Universe pageant making it to the “Top Five” through on-line voting. Knowing Filipinos, that was another one of their “voting frenzies” drummed up by those who want to be “Proud Pinoys” in case Mis Philippines indeed wins in that contest.

I just breathed a sigh of relief when finally someone tweeted that it was Miss Angola who won the Miss Universe contest. I was really wishing that a person other than that Supsup girl would win the crown and I am happy my wish came true. Now everyone will be spared of overzealous starstruck ignoramuses peppering the on-line and real world with messages, written and verbal, of how PROUD they are of the Filipina contestant had she won.

I have always been annoyed at how beholden the Filipino people are to beauty contests. They make a bigger deal of it than what it really is – for entertainment. When Miss Philippines wins they act as if the country has landed a man on another planet or everyone was uplifted from poverty and if she loses, they all get “butthurt” and try to cry foul or make statements that the judgement was unfair or in error. SO WHAT if The Philippines does not win the crown? They are a people who put more importance on this more than other normal societies of the world.

One time the Miss Universe pageant was held in The Philippines, Charlene Gonzalez went on stage and the Pinoy crowd just howled prompting one of the hosts to say: “THEY TAKE THEIR PAGEANTS VERY SERIOUSLY HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES”

Don’t you know how ridiculous that makes us sound as a people? VERY.

First of all, beauty is something that someone possesses naturally. People would not look up to your country because some woman from it won a beauty pageant. If your country is still a dumpster, people all over the world would still look at your people as trash. Raising loud howls of protest and beating your chest about how “proud” you still are and how “she is still a winner in our hearts” while the rest of the world just switches the TV off and moves on to other matters shows how low class we are as a people by raising a ruckus about a contest that is very trivial and superficial.

The answer of Miss Philippines was not even an intelligent one.

Question: “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love?”

Answer of Ms. Shamcey Supsup: “No. I will not change my religion to marry the one I love, because the first person I love is God. He is the one who created me. And the principles and values that I have now is because of Him. So if that man loves me, he should also love my God.”

This shows she is close minded. Love for me transcends religious beliefs and you accept the person you love for whatever he or she is, unconditionally. Filipinos though, would be very impressed by her answer and talk about her like she was a rocket scientist who just designed a spaceship that could travel beyond the speed of light.

Some were even “blaming” Lea Salonga for “making the question easy” for Miss Angola as if they wanted her to be corrupt and intentionally make someone else lose so Miss Philippines can win and make The Filipinos “bask in borrowed glory”. How pathetic could they be?

If Filipinos have this to say if she has lost, how much more if she won?

(Source: http://www.facebook.com/MissUniverse2011

I am really glad that she lost. Otherwise, there would be more embarassing behavior from our kababayans all over the world writing and telling people around them that Miss Philippines won and we are very beautiful and smart as a people (which everyone now knows is nothing but a bunch of hogwash until we learn to get real).

As I have said in a previous article:

“you cannot really say you are proud of the Filipino as a group especially if you base it on a very minuscule, cherry picked cross section of the said group. You and even I can say I admire Charice Pempengco but I will not force my association with her and claim her pride as my own by throwing in something we have in common by accident of our birth.

For one to be proud to be a Filipino, The Philippines should be a progressive country through the cooperative efforts of its own people.”

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