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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fried Filipino Pride

PPP - Pathetic Pinoy Pride

It never fails. Every time there is an individual who happens to be DIFFERENT from mainstream Filipinos gets in the world spotlight, Filipinos rush like rats given free cheese. These Filipinos only similarity to the persons on the stage is that they were both born in the Philippines – BY ACCIDENT!

It is really PATHETIC when these same Filipinos ascribe to their sorry selves – the qualities that made the achievers get to where they are. As if every Filipino had the guts, discipline, and focus of Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempengco, Lea Salonga, the Dragon Row Boat team and the like.

I can’t for the life of me, figure out how exactly are these Filipinos who “take pride” in the achievement of other Filipinos. I can feel happy about other Filpinos – but to “take pride” in someone else’s achievements just does not sound right. It reminds me of a common Pinoy phrase – “ikaw ang nagsaing, iba ang kumain”! Quite appropriate ain’t it. Let’s bring it home.

Si Manny Paquiao ang nagsaing – ang mga Pinoy ang gustong kumain.

Manny Pacquiao had potential, talent, and a determination to rise out of poverty. However, without an enabling environment provided by an alien environment that consisted of Freddie Roach, the American consumers who paid to watch Manny, the well-equipped gyms of Los Angeles – Manny would remain as a potential – raw, untransformed, full of dreams, full of hope – but remain poor. Manny’s determination to succeed, in contrast to pathetic Filipinos resignedness in their fate – “kapalaran” “kagustuhan ng Diyos”, “wala na tayong magawa”, “ganyan talaga ang buhay” – definitely helped.

Then here we are faced with Manny’s success and you have all these passive aggressive losers wanting to bask in the borrowed light of Manny’s fame – mga bituing walang ningning!!! :)

Si Charice Pempengco ang nagsaing – ang mga Pinoy ang gustong kumain.

The phenomenon of Charice is also typical. Locally, Charice was an unappreciated talent left to the dogs because the moronic local media thinks she doesn’t have the face of a mestiza skank. Had Charice stayed in the Philippines – she would become a has-been even before she started. Fortunately for that girl, an alien, a non-Filipino took notice of her talent, introduced her to the right people – and the rest is history.

Of course, when the world took notice of Charice – the Filipinos who didn’t give Charice a second look before – are now yammering “Filipino Pride” because Charice accidentally happened to be Filipino. As if being Filipino means having a voice like Charice.

Cmon now – just go into any Pinoy videoke – and torture yourself to a cacophony of “My Way” renditions. You don’t even have to go far – chances are, your neighbor has the volume turned up so that the entire neighborhood can hear the bloke sing like a screeching cat.

And the list continues:

* Si Lea Salonga ang nagsaing – ang mga Pinoy ang gustong kumain.

* Si Shamcey ang nagsaing – ang mga Pinoy ang gustong kumain.

* Si (insert name of celebrity) ang nagsaing – ang mga Pinoy ang gustong kumain.

No one is to be blamed for being born a Filipino. BUT no one is to be exalted to be born a Filipino either.

However, Filipinos who justify, eulogize, and perpetuate a culture of mediocrity – such Filipinos arouse indignation, contempt, and loathing.

Filipino Pride? Fry it!!!

P.S. Shamcey’s answer sounded no different from a RELIGIOT in the streets of Divisoria – nothing Miss Universey about it. Her bod was hot though – like all the other contestants – just what Donald Trump wants from the bimbos who strut on the stage of his franchise.

Ika nga – beauty is skin deep. Most Pinoys who are used to Pinoy-style pageants miss out on the part where it says “the Miss Universe Organization prefers national pageants that preserve an aura of respectability and competition”. Beauty is like a cake – on top of being delicious, it helps to have icing on the cake. And in a pageant full of hot bods – it helps to actually have a brain.

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