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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vintage Photos of the Philippines...

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Fred Montilla as Bondying
with Lolita Rodriguez

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Mary Walter, 1930

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Moro Philippine soldiers, 1909

Miss Philippines beauty pageant, 1950

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Below are some amazing images of early to mid-20th century Manila

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A view of Pasig River and downtown Manila on week before the outbreak of war with Japan, 1942

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An exterior view of the Jai-alai in Manila , 1949

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Cars driving up and down Escolta, the main shopping street, 1949

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Guests using swimming pool at a fancy Manila hotel just prior to US entrance into WWII, 1941

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A stone fountain with maidens in long dresses standing on seashell-decorated base
& supporting big shallow bowl-outside the Malacanang Palace, the President, 1953

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Dewey Blvd (present-day Roxas Boulevard ) running along the water, 1953

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A view of Quezon Boulevard as seen from the Quezon Bridge , 1942

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