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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do you know Rogelio Quiambao?

Our country, the Philippines, is upon the crossroads. Wherever we are, we Filipinos must contribute to nation-building, w/o fear nor favor, in thoughts, in words and in deeds. Alone, the Philippine gov’t cannot do it. We have to help Filipinos to reach their aspirations embodied in the Constitution. The time to act is now.

The country suffers because of outrageously abusive high officials and their corrupt practices. Filipinos must have ZERO TOLERANCE of such officials, wherever, whenever. The poor who suffer cannot wait!

For high KOR officials who do wrong while talking “Rizalism” or giving/accepting undeserved awards, is un-Rizalian. The same is true seeing wrongdoing and doing nothing, looking away pretending it’s not happening, keeping silent after seeing wrong, and similar acts.

It is the height of ABUSE of the good name of Dr Jose Rizal when top KOR honchos even get KGCR, Pro-Patria, rewarding themselves, even if they do not deserve this recognition!

How could Lazir not be ashamed and disgusted when Quiambao REVERSED the appointment of a dedicated and highly-qualified KOR Regional Commander-Europe in the name of Sir Lucien Spittael (appointed by Sir Hilario Davide III) with that of his protege, Felino Paras, proven to be undeserving social climber and ignoramus on the subject Dr Jose Rizal?

It took Sir Manfred Holtzmann, Wilhelmsfeld Mayor, 11 years to convince Lazir to join the KOR, from 1985 to 1996.. Lazir joined only during the Philippine Centennial celebrations, June 1996. Lazir's reason for not joining earlier was that he was not prepared to be called "Sir" nor be a Knight of Dr Rizal, having done nothing worthy yet to be so-called. Sir Manfred Holtzmann was of a different opinion, having known Lazir as Fil-Ger-Am community leader.

Modesty aside, Lazir's Philippinischer Club Heidelberg was awarded a Plaque of Appreciation from the Office of the President, Commission On Filipinos Overseas and the DFA, Manila, for "dedication and commitment exhibited in the service of others, by carrying out selfless programs to create a better image for the Philippines and to promote the betterment of fellow Filipinos in the homeland and in the new country of settlement." given 17 December 1991 with the celebration of December as the "Month of Overseas Filipinos".

[Google "Wilhelmsfeld" and find out where the larger-than-life statue of Dr Jose Rizal stands in Germany. Dr Rizal found solace in this town, completed the last chapters of the NOLI, as guest of Pastor Karl Ullmer & his family, warmly welcoming a complete stranger to their home, great grandfather of Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer, Order of Sikatuna recipient, rank of Maginoo, for donating the priceless "ULLMER COLLECTION" consisting of various correspondence, postcards, letters, sketches Dr Rizal wrote/made/gave his bossom friend, Pastor Ullmer.

Quiambao’s protégé, Felino Paras, was recorded (on video?) insulting European Knights in attendance, in a gathering in Black Forest, Germany, calling European Knights “racists!” The insult hit hard upon Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer, direct descendant of Pastor Karl Ullmer, the same kind Pastor who took Dr Rizal into his home! It was Paras’ undeserving, and misplaced promotion to european commander that made Sir Dr Firtz Hack-Ullmer quit the KOR in disgust in 2006, coupled/complemented with the corrupt, unresponsive and un-Rizalian "leadership" (?) and acts of both Quiambao & Esguerra! While Quiambao reportedly pushed his unqualified protégé Paras up, Esguerra signed the Paras appointment.

In the Philippines, corruption has a face!

Let all Filipinos rise and answer the country’s call to rid the Philippines of corrupt officials, wherever they are holding high positions. Lawyers Rogelio Quiambao and Samuel Samuela for example would make good candidates for legal disbarment.

For country and people!



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