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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

You go abroad to study OTHER COUNTRIES.

By Van Ybiernas

Some people think that EVERYTHING is about presenting a narrative, that marketing is everything.

It has to be true, or else a lot of people will be out of work. Hahaha.

But I never believed in that bullshit. Not in this day and age of easy access to information.

These people represent the elitist mindset: that our people do not think for themselves, that they do not think at all, that they can be manipulated to think and act a certain way.

The elite will NEVER give to us the dignity of independent thought. To do so would shatter the fragile elite dominance over us.

That is why they say now, through their golden boy, that they must reinvent their elitism in order to recapture the imagination of the un-thinking Filipino people. To get back to the driver's seat, to manipulate us again.

They NEVER want to understand us. They just want to manipulate us.

This is what you get when the elite go abroad to study the country. They get more lost.

You go abroad to study OTHER COUNTRIES. 

If you want to study the Philippines, stay here.

Then again, I don't have the elitist mindset, which is probably why I'm not an idiot.

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