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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The people elected Rodrigo Duterte as president to bring change. The elections are over. We want to build a new nation under God. It is time to put aside politics.

The people are tired of those who obstruct change. They are tired of charades. They are tired of those who make baseless accusations against the president and members of his family without providing evidence to substantiate their charges. They are tired of useless Senate hearings which waste taxpayers money and only serve as fora for politicians to grandstand. They are tired of those who keep destabilizing the nation. They are tired of silly plots to discredit and topple the president.

You have a choice. Either you join us to rebuild a nation or you fight us. If you choose to fight us you must be prepared to accept the consequences.

We seek a peaceful transition to a new constitutional order and a new form of government. We will not be the first to provoke because we consist of the majority and you are now the minority. But if you provoke and it leads to violence, we shall hold you responsible.

If you decide to join us in building a new nation, here are the rules of the game:

1. We accept criticism provided it has basis and is constructive. By constructive, we mean you offer an alternative solution that is both viable and reasonable. To ask the president to abandon his wars against illegal drugs and terrorism is non-negotiable.

2. We welcome any suggestions to fight corruption and improve governance. If you find corruption in any government department or agency and have the evidence, the president will be the first to support you. If you find abuses in the armed forces and police and can substantiate them, it will also be welcomed.

3. Your cooperation must be devoid of personal interest and political ambition. In exposing wrongdoings, you must not grandstand. You must do it as a matter of national interest and act in a professional and responsible manner.

4. The president must have the final decision on matters of State. Once he decides, it is his responsibility. He alone is accountable to the people for his acts.

5. Any political action you take that is inimical to the welfare and well-being of the people you must assume personal responsibility and be held accountable to the same.

6. Whatever the people decide with regard to the grant of powers to the president we expect you to respect the sovereign will of the people.

By Jose Alejandrino

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