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Friday, September 8, 2017


Jose Alejandrino

Many netizens on the social media are asking why the Senate continues to tolerate circuses in its midst. What has its hearings contributed to the aid of legislation? Why is the Senate wasting taxpayers money?

Others are asking why the Senate president, Koko Pimentel, also tolerates such circuses. Isn't he and his PDP-Laban supposed to be the party of the president? If so, why does he allow the destabilization of the president and the country with Trillanes nonsense? Does Pimentel have a separate political agenda from the president? Is his supposed loyalty more for himself than the nation?

These are valid questions. I myself have been questioning the need for a Senate. Would it not be better just to abolish it and spend the 3-billion plus pesos annually to maintain 24 senators towards social programs to alleviate poverty and to raise salaries of teachers, soldiers, and police?

The De Lima circus of the past and the Trillanes circus of now has only reinforced the public image that we have a useless Senate that is more prone to grandstanding than solving national problems. The problem with senators is they see themselves as potential presidents. So they abuse their position to advance their political ambition. This is one more reason why we don't need a Senate. We don't need more politics. We need less to move forward.

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