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Sunday, September 3, 2017


By: Jose Alejandrino

If the Senate has any self-respect and dignity left, it will throw Antonio Trillanes out of its body. This mad dog has been making baseless accusations against the president and his family without providing proof of his charges, wasting taxpayers money on useless hearings that are not in aid of legislation just to be able to grandstand and gain media mileage. He is the chief architect of destabilizing the government and the country. His charades have been giving the Senate a bad image to the point when many netizens, including myself, think a Senate is not needed.

But will the other senators agree to throw out Trillanes? This is when the public will see the other senators who are equally useless. A vote to keep Trillanes could well spell the death knell of their political careers.

Masyado maraming gulo sa Pinas kasi maraming tarantado sa Senado.

The people are fed up with all the charades. It could be the final trigger to spur big parades for a revolutionary government.

Give the Senate enough rope and it will end up hanging itself.

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