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Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the Death Anniversary of Jose Rizal (Dec. 30, 1896)

By Poch  Suzara

I said it before, I say it again: one can learn much about the real Jose Rizal not only by studying his writings; but more so by getting to know his real enemy - his killer, still here in control of Filipino minds and hearts via sin and guilt as taught to us in their schools, colleges, and universities. 

Look how, with much love and affection and joy, we celebrate birth anniversary of Jesus Christ who was not even Catholic; while we commemorate the death anniversary of Jose Rizal as if he was just another one of those good, good for nothing Catholic. This is the same Rizal who had great hopes for our country to one day be a free and a democratic republic? If Rizal was a penitent catholic who "retracted" why still have him executed in public? Or if executed why was Rizal not granted a proper Catholic burial?

Indeed, it was the Catholic Church who had Jose Rizal arrested, incarcerated, and executed and then spread lies about him with a "retraction" story; in brief, that he died not as a heretic, but died as a penitent Catholic. Such retraction lie is still told about Jose Rizal in every school, colleges and universities - more than a thousand of them such as La Salle, Ateneo, San Beda, UST, Assumption college, Miriam college, Letran, etc. etc. etc. - own, operated, and managed by the Catholic church in this poor  country of ours. Indeed, millions of Filipinos have been educated to believe that God does not only provide, but that his son Jesus down here on earth as he is heaven up there is our one and only savior! 

My Dear Jose Rizal, wherever you are, we know you did not write only for your generation, but for the future generation of Filipinos.  I am one writer today of that future generation. I should wish you to know that none of our teachers in school, professors in college; columnists in newspapers; lawyers and judges in court; generals in the army, navy, and air force; barangay captains; city councilors; mayors, governors, congressmen, senators;  and presidents of our republic; not to mention even our famous athletes in the boxing arena; including your own Knights of Rizal - have ever had the guts or the gumption to admit publicly what I am declaring to everyone in our country today: I have far more love, respect, and admiration for you - Jose Rizal - as you were a heretic than I have for Jesus Christ, our so-called savior - who was not even a Catholic. 

            India had a Mahatma Gandhi; China, Sun Yet Sen; Vietnam, Ho Chi Mingh; Cuba, Jose Marti; France, Voltaire; Africa, Nelson Mandela, England, Bertrand Russell; Germany, Friedrich Nietzche; America, Tom Pain, Robert G. Ingersoll, Carl Sagan, Einstein; In the Philippines, we still have a Jewish fellow - Jesus Christ - Catholic Savior of corruption as a way of life in the Philippines.

            Indeed, there are far more statues, photos, figures monuments, sculptures, models, effigies,  paintings, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ existing in our country than there is of Jose Rizal - our national hero.
            I asked: what kind of men needed to see Rizal dead, discarded and forgotten? Were they men of reason, science, and philosophy? Were they avid readers, critical thinkers, or scientific investigators? Were they men at home with civilized humanity? No! On the contrary, Rizal's enemies were the perpetrators of blind faith: - the superstitious primitives, the sanctimonious hypocrites, and those indeed who are selfish, greedy, corrupt, stupid, and insane. This was more than a hundred years ago. But it is still here well-established, in full control of our formative years as boys and girls in Catholic schools. 

           Sir, you were publicly executed because you had every hope to spread the freedom of honest thought; and the freedom not only OF religion, but the freedom FROM religion in our country. 

           As for the Knights of Rizal - shame, shame, shame on you: gutless, thoughtless, and worthless knights that you all have turned out to be! You who call yourselves “Knights of Rizal.” I have yet to see you standing up and speaking out loud and clear about  the greatness of our national hero. Instead, you readily protect and defend the wealth, power, and glory of the Catholic Church; instead of protecting and defending our Jose Rizal who wrote: "I would like the Filipino people to become worthy, noble, and honorable. . . make study a thing of love and joy . . . the schoolroom should not be a place of sorrows but a scene of intellectual refreshment."
          My dear Jose Rizal, wherever you are - thank you for bringing enlightenment into the hearts and minds of Filipinos in our country. Sadly, only the few of us Filipino heretics recognize and acknowledge how you have proved yourself to be the greatest Filipino humanist/thinker who fought for common Filipino decency in our country. Like you, in your century, we Filipinos in this century, have yet to stand up against the same evil otherwise more known as Catholic church and its teachings - which, for the most part, have been  keeping us poor Filipinos spiritually aimless as a people and morally thoughtless as a nation.

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