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Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Mr. Nollas,

Congratulations for writing a rather commendable testimonial to the researcher-author-publisher in the preface of the manuscript entitled “Born to be a hero.” I wonder if you are still expecting special favors from him just in the event you’d be stripped off of your “diplomatic immunity” that you have intentionally omitted some particular details of his biography in order to safeguard his image as a successful entrepreneur. As a highly esteemed and responsible functionary at the Philippine Embassy, however, this would likely compromise your integrity and credibility considering the sensitive nature of your position which could subsequently jeopardize the security of the embassy that you grant special preferences and favors to third parties. You must be well aware that this kind of treatment on your own personal initiative is tantamount to professional irregularities that could even be worse than nepotism or corruption. Anyway, who cares if the authorities would finally come to know about it? Perhaps they might even promote you or give you a medal instead of an honorable discharge. Nevertheless, don’t worry and be happy! Just leave everything to Lino to get you out of trouble because he doesn’t only have a very long arm to ingratiate himself easily for a favor or two but he also has an unorthodox modus operandi to have his way around with the authorities.

First of all, you have overlooked to mention about his humble origin as a domestic worker of a former Belgian diplomat, a rich Baron living in the Castle of Kortrijk
who had sent for him instead of having him sponsored, when he first arrived to Brussels, thanks to his first wife of course. Somehow, this is the dark and sensitive part of his life that he is neither too keen nor too enthusiastic to talk about in order to enhance his enviable position and save his impeccable image of respectability and success as a self-made man to the eyes of his fellow knights and peers. As a matter of fact, one of his former female boarders named Bette had confided me about a dramatic incident immediately after it happened wherein he slapped her very hard across the face after she told him off in the presence of friends and guests that he was already a domestic back home. Incidentally, this showdown took place as a result of their heated altercation following her complaint that she couldn’t sleep from the uproar and pandemonium that they created intermittently during their mahjong and other gambling sessions which went on non-stop far beyond the unholy hours of the morning and even continued the following day.

I’m so surprised that you only made reference to his masters at ULB which I doubt strongly of its existence and veracity. You know in any European universities or institutions of higher learning, anyone could attend courses as an “auditeur libre” without even being enrolled officially. Perhaps, what he really meant by following courses was when he attended some lectures in between his breaks while he did a part time job of cleaning the rooms and toilets after classes. I believe what’s more important and essential to the readers in general would be to know something about his educational qualification and performance while he was in the Philippines and what he had really accomplished to uphold and promote ideals and teachings of Rizal, as a die-hard follower or fanatic.

With regards to his presumption of being a writer in connection to his speaking and writing expertise, there could be a question that would possibly arise about his educational background as to whether or not he really finished his secondary or university studies just in case he should be subjected to undergo a formal proficiency examination under the supervision of a panel of language experts. Should he pass it with flying colors, this would clear him once and for all from any doubts or speculations about his integrity.

When we’re still intimate and best of friends, I remember pretty well that he was long-time employed by an important local outsourcing security firm, Securitas, as a guard stationed in the compounds of the BBL. This doesn’t mean that he was officially connected to or employed in the bank as a member of the staff or personnel, isn’t he? Please check your records carefully.

What an eloquent tribute you have written on him by citing his membership to different organizations, such as the Belgian Chamber on Philippine Economic Relationship, the Belgian-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, the Philippine Tourism Promotion Office in the Benelux, etc. Incidentally, what was his significant role and personal contribution to the development and enhancement of the Philippine economy and tourism? By the way, what frequency range is the DZXL-RMN Belgium online "Bantay OCW" where it everybody interested could tune to eventually? Does the word “online” mean that it has to be downloaded from the Internet or is it one of his make-believe creations that could only be heard within the confines of his kitchen or bathroom?

Speaking of the Philippine Sports Community of Brussels (PSC), everyone knows that he still monopolizes it as the absolute “supremo” and the ultimate policy maker which he created in the 70’s and have himself unilaterally appointed as “president-for-life.” It’s surprising that ever since its creation he has hardly taken any effort or initiative to build up second generation Filipinos to become athletes of international caliber, instead he still uses it as his personal platform for his favorite “pissing” contests where he would always come out as the undisputed winner.

I remember how all of his followers and those from the embassy who were intimate with him had granted the most-favored treatment to his sons to rank them as first and second in their family-sponsored tennis tournament finals at the expense of other players who performed better as a gesture of gratitude for his hospitality and generosity. If only he had been too clever to get somebody with the caliber of
Justine Henin-Hardenne’s coach who wasn’t even a former champion and practically unknown on the international tennis circuit to train them for peanuts, he’d be mighty proud of himself to have turned them into world champions, like Venus and Serena Williams!

However, through his affiliation and connections with the
Benelux Filipino Sports Federation (BFSF), why hasn't he considered to send second-generation Filipinos to any of the local sports organizations that would give them a chance to undergo serious and professional training so that they could participate and compete in any international or Olympic tournaments? What a waste of time that he had never thought seriously of taking advantage of the opportunities that his association could easily avail of from the innumerable possibilities offered by the sophisticated high-tech facilities and infrastructure that are locally available for all-round sport activities. Through all the years under his presidency-for-life, he could have had at least accomplished something worthwhile on a professional level that would have put his name and country on the limelight to have produced an athlete or two that could be a testimony to his everlasting glory, n'est-ce pas?

As to the question of money for the formation and training of athletes, I think they could easily get the necessary funding from the membership fees, sponsor donations and profits from the sports award events that are held every year. In return, they could get back several folds from their initial investment if it turns out that their athlete would be worth as much as the South American players, like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Pele, etc.
I wonder where all those money have gone? Is there’s any transparency in the accounting and auditing procedures of the funds of the sports association. In fairness to the members and sponsors, I believe they’re obliged to post their balance sheet and financial statement on a blog or a web site so that everybody could trace where and how every cent is spent and disbursed.

Modesty aside, if I were a lovely young, talented lady with a college diploma and a civil service qualification, I wouldn’t be too stupid or dumb to marry somebody who could be as old as my grandfather just to “join the navy and see the world!” With such a superbly high-sounding credential, I’d rather be too wise and ambitious to look for a very old Texan millionaire instead, like the one in the sensational case of a popular girlie magazine centerfold model who became filthy rich only after a year of marriage than to sacrifice my exotic charm and hard-earned degree only to be coped up in a pigeon-hole apartment somewhere in a heavily North African immigrant area of the city raising kids until I’d become an old tart and contemplating on what a fabulous and glamorous life I could have had elsewhere otherwise! For your information, there were 946 graduates of Foreign Service alone in Lyceum that was officially communicated to me by its dean when I paid her a courtesy call in March 2002. How do you expect to get them all employed at the Foreign Office or elsewhere? Their only hope would be to follow the usual OFW routes to get any unskilled jobs available anywhere or the last but not the least as an alternative out of desperation, the easy way out to opt for the “vagina visa” as an immediate and rapid exit from the ever-growing poverty and misery in the country!

Financial assistance and job placements didn’t come at all free for Lino, but at a high price with an endless of strings attached, of course! According to his own philosophy on charity and hospitality, nothing is gained from nothing that mustn’t be paid in cash or in kind. What more, he would fully expect a lifetime gratitude and loyalty from those who are indebted to him so that he could manipulate or alienate them on his terms and at his own advantage because he would never hesitate to denigrate them by telling them off that if it weren’t for him they’d be back to the “salt mine” breaking rocks for a miserable existence. How very immoral and pathetic!

As I seem to admire your style of writing as compared to enclosed short note of Lino, I believe Mr. Nollas that you could have had taken all the credits and responsibilities in the preparation and compilation of the manuscript. Perhaps you thought you’re too clever and shrewd enough to anticipate cunningly that when an official case of “breach of copyright” should ever be filed against him, you could easily “wash your hands clean and get away so fast” in order to free yourself from any involvement or connection thus leaving him bear the cross all by himself and face any possible consequences that would befall on him in due course. Don’t be too over confident, because if he falls, you’re sure to fall faster than him with both his feet on your head in the end down in a stinking cesspool!

Yours very cordially,

-----Original Message-----

Date: Monday, June 11, 2001

Subject: Anong sarap ng buhay, hindi ba Abe?

Thank very much for your messages, I hope that you will recover completely.

Sorry I wan’t able to answer you promptly, due to the hectic schedules of my responsibilities.

I was in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A last month to received the second highest award of the Knights Grand Officer of Rizal, and last week the Supreme Council, Manila, send me to Litomerice, Czech Republic to attend the unveiling of the bust of Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt(friend of Dr. Jose Rizal).

I will be in Manila next month to accompanied Belgian businessman and to promote Tourism in our country. You see my friend, I never forget you, you are one of my best friends and considered you as a brother. With the passing away of my wife I really need to be active, otherwise, mapapadali ang pagsunod natin kung saan man siya ngayon.

Warmest regards,


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