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Wednesday, April 18, 2007



Dear Sir Choy,

My son, "BRAVO" at least you show your courage of love of country (the Pinoy) being oppressed and insulted by these group. Don't be affraid with them coz you know what will happen to them. If they give insults they will be insulted in return. The Noli Me Tangere was written to expose and fight the oppressors. You know who are these. This are the group of Father Damaso. And you can now see in a clear view who are the Damaso's by their words actions and the color of their skin. There is one character where I can't see a red Pinoy blood running in his veins. His heart is on the right side and the throbbing is irregular, he is abnormal or most probably sick. There is a proverb saying "Tell me or show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are". Their end shall be near, the accusers, scornful abusers and oppressors shall be wiped out or finished soon. I'll give you some words to live by as a patriotic Filipino:

1. I will love my country above all things

2. Strive to help my country at all times, and if necessary die for her.

3. Keep the country for myself, for my children, and for my children's children until the world is no more.

4. Defend my country and race against insults.

5. Help to expose traitors, spies and other enemies and cooperate in defense measures against them.

6. etc. etc. and many more.

Always take the role of Crisostomo Ibarra and surely you will win. Never follow the steps of father Damaso and the friars.It seems that the European Tennis Tournament game started. You have to return the ball of fire to your oponent fast and accurate as much as possible. Don-t give up, I ganna give you more fire balls, even cannon balls to defeat enemies.

Resignations. It is the right of every member of the KOR and it should be accepted immediately coz nobody is indispensable in the organization. If they are occupying higher positions they should be repalced the soonest. If only a member, let it be, and good for them. I am sure they are not like dogs that swalow and eat their own vomits. If you do this you are a men without honor, dignity, sel -respect and decency. You are like an apple full of worms in a basket so that when the owner saw this, the rotten apples with worms shall be removed immediately not to contaminate others and they shall be thrown to the garbage to be eaten by pigs.

Perhaps next time I'll give you a powerfull sword that will cut their branches tounges, hands and heads to end this despute.

Your spiritual adviser,

Skyline Pegeon White
Pilosopong Kalabaw

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