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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Mocha Uson’s followers have a responsibility to keep Mocha Uson honest and progressive

Whatever is said about the manner with which Mocha Uson is pitching “federalism” to the Filipino public, her followers need to be more circumspect in the way they consume what is being fed to them. Being a fan of Mocha Uson is one thing, and fan behaviour is understandable with regard to the bulk of her fan base which was accumulated during her time as an erotic blogger and performer. But Uson’s moving beyond entertainment and into delivery of content focused on politics and social issues altogether changes the game, and her followers need to work their brains more to understand the difference between Mocha’s traditional trade and the intellectual landscape she had ventured into since joining government.
Not much is expected of people who follow Mocha Uson for her entertainment value. However, more is expected of followers of Mocha Uson the political influencer. Each of her fans and followers need to decide which of the two they want to be. To be the latter — followers of her politics — requires application of a critical mind. Fans of her erotic entertainment only need follow their dicks. Big difference right there.
As a political influencer it is par for the course to be exposed and subject to critical scrutiny. By herself, Uson is stepping up to that challenge. Her followers too need to step up, not to mindlessly defend her and be rabidly loyal, but to help her succeed in her new trade by being her critical and constructive partners in that journey.
By being rabid supporters, Mocha Uson’s followers fall into the same trap that the Yellowtards have. The Yellowtards slid to irrelevance because of their rabid loyalty to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan mythology and the poltical narrative propped on its back. They failed to evolve from a power grab machine into true contributors to nation-building. Mocha Uson’s followers should study that lesson that sits right under their noses and understand it well. They should change their ways before it is too late — before they become like the Yellowtards.
Being rabid fans will not help Mocha Uson. It will only squander her influence which, for now, remains formidable. This is precious capital that needs to be used wisely. It is a challenge Mocha Uson fandom should embrace.
Rather than turn themselves into an echo chamber community and isolate Uson from a diversity of views, Mocha fans should continue to keep their minds open to a diversity of points of view and recognise that being critical of what Mocha Uson says does not necessarily mean she is being “attacked”. Her fans need to regard criticism more maturely and see the value in some of that criticism. More can be learned from critics than from rabid fans. And Mocha Uson has a lot to learn as she continues to reinvent herself from just being an entertainer to one who could credibly lead constructive thought in Philippine society.

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