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Friday, July 14, 2017


Just to be clear...

Am not pro-BBM.

With all due respect to all you Marcos supporters.

I just KENNAT.

But I have much respect to how BBM is handling his electoral protest, and to his overall demeanor.

But it does not change my perspective of him and his family. I maintain that they are as much at fault as is with the Aquino cabal on why our nation has regressed.

To think that we have driven them away, only for them to come back, courtesy of the inept and corrupt Aquinos.

In a way they are cut from the same cloth. And running in the same circle of oligarchy, elitism, cronyism, cliques and caciques.

And to be honest, am not so gung ho in this on going circus of electoral protest of the VP position.

Going by precedence, this dispute will not be resolved by the PET in the next six months, or even by 2018.

As an aside, I find it difficult to understand why BBM and Leni need to pay for the incompetence of the Comelec. In the first place, if the elections were really handled well, particularly that VP race, there should not be a protest, and the real winner should have been clearly established from the get go.

But considering that the Comelec screwed up big time, and the indications of manipulation were so pronounced, it behooves that the electoral body should straighten this mess.

The electorate deserves no less but to be accorded respect as to our mandate, regardless who it was.

Having said this, am not optimistic of an immediate resolution of this protest, especially how our legal system upholds and favors technicalities, delay and legalese over speedy dispensation and the spirit of the law.

This BBM protest will not prosper in the next two years. I would be more than happy to be proven wrong in this instance, but I really doubt it.

And that is why personally, I'd rather support the impeachment of Leni Robredo.

Because as what we are now witnessing, Leni Robredo is not fit for public service.

Leni should not be VP any minute longer because the stench of her inauthenticity is so overpowering that even the placid and even-keeled people are outraged and scandalized.

And it is no longer acceptable to have a public servant whose priority is not good governance but to badmouth her own government, not only here but even in the international community.

If Pacquiao is tagged as our "Pambansang Kamao" then Leni is our "Pambansang Kahihiyan"

She is not our Vice President.

She is our National Disgrace.

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