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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino

The Duterte presidency is a new dispensation. By this I mean it will be different from the others.

He was elected on a program of change. He means to carry out that program.

He said he will not tolerate corruption. He said he hates drugs. He said he will not negotiate with terrorists whom he will exterminate.

He wants peace and prosperity. Peace on honorable terms. Prosperity which will trickle down to the masses.

He wants to build a strong middle class by reducing the gap between rich and poor.

He wants to dismantle the oligarchy that dominated our political system for so long. He wants constitutional change towards a new form of government. He wants an end to Imperial Manila by a federal system.

To achieve these ends, he now represents the vast majority with a 78 percent rating in his favor. 10 percent are undecided.

12 percent oppose him. With more achievements, his 78 percent will rise to the 80s as I said in a previous posting. Whatever way one wants to quibble on the figures, one cannot deny he has the vast majority supporting him.

The Opposition is clearly a minority. It has only two options. Be marginalized and disappear from the political scene or cooperate with the president. By cooperation, it must not criticize simply for the sake of criticizing but come up with viable and constructive solutions to national problems. It must stop obstructing. It must stop plotting against the president. If it chooses not to cooperate, that's fine but don't blame the president if he uses the sledgehammer.

It is not only the Opposition but also all the institutions that must cooperate. To rebuild a new nation under God, we must all come together.

We must all work together. We must stop squabbling like petty tribes. We must put aside our self-interests and look to the national interest which is the majority interest.

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