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Sunday, April 9, 2017

7000 deaths? Rappler’s, Mainstream Media’s, and the OVP’s Willful Ignorance over #WarOnDrugsPH


When Duterte said Filipinos aren’t inherently good in math, I think he was referring to Rappler's employees.

In September 2016, Rappler published Michael Bueza’s “IN NUMBERS: The Philippines' 'war on drugs’”, which supposedly serves as a tally of the deaths resulting from President Rody Duterte’s War on Drugs. Bueza has updated the list 75 times since September 2016, with the latest version (the 75th update) dated 07 April 2017.

On the 75th update, Bueza, citing “revised PNP data”, came up with a total of 7,080 casualties by combining 2,555; 3,603; and 922, which are the deaths from police operations, DUIs, and concluded investigations, respectively.

Rappler’s tally has so far been used by various international news agencies as the basis for the death toll of Duterte’s War on Drugs. It has been quoted by major organizations such as the [Financial Times, [Newsweek, the [Guardian, and even the [New York Times, and it has also been used as the basis for a [Human Rights Watch] report and a [European Parliament] resolution.

And most importantly, Vice-president Leni Robredo herself used this figure in a video address shown in a UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs side event, the same video that was featured on [Time] Magazine last month.

Yes, that’s how oft-cited Rappler’s article is, so let’s ask a simple question that few mainstream journalists chronically fail to ask:

Is 7080 deaths an accurate body count?


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