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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

“SOSYAL!” Lascañas spotted in Singapore heard saying: “Sabihin mo kay sir Sonny na dumating na ako”

Bruce V. Rivera got a strong evidence that retired cop and self confessed Davao Death Squad hitman Arthur Lascañas will stay in Singapore for safety reasons.
A Filipina who looks like a Singaporean spotted the retired cop carrying his baggage in Changi Airport.
Lascañas was unaware that his seat mate is a Filipina from Davao City who is a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte.
The source said that she noticed Lascañas talking over the phone using Visayan Dialect and she heard the retired cop saying: “Sabihin mo kay Sir Sonny na dumating na ako,”
Lascañas may be referring to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the one who backed him to testify against President Rodrigo Duterte in the Senate.
Atty. Rivera believes that her source is not lying because she’s from Davao City where President Rodrigo Duterte became a public servant for 22 years.
He also asked if Lascañas is there to escape the case that might be filed against him or he’s only going to spend his holy week vacation in Singapore.
Netizens already thinking if Senator Antonio Trillanes IV funded the trip of Arthur Lascañas and his family to Singapore.
They even noticed the pricey luggages of Lascañas, an evidence that someone really funded his trip.
This is the reactions of the Netizens after seeing the photo of Lascañas in Singapore:


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