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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Filipino’s Biggest Problem: Their Paper Thin Ego

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The last few days have proven interesting for me. On both a personal and observatory level. And it has to do with what I shall refer to as… The Filipino Ego.

Standard Pinoy reaction to most issues.
Standard Pinoy reaction to most issues.
In the nearly 9 years of living here, it has constantly been right there, in front of me. Sadly I could never nail down what it was that made these people so silly? Forgive my being a “late bloomer” on the subject. But now it’s clear as day. Because of their paper-thin egos, these people are hiding an insane level of misery (and at times, stupidity), behind a false smile.

I have spoken to a vast array of Filipino’s, ranging in age, from as young as 10. To well into their 80’s. And so as to separate things into an area of better, more relative understanding. I will only speak of those under the age of 40. Especially since those older, appeared to be more refined since they came from a better era.

For starters, is the concept of trying to carry on an intelligent (or even casual) conversation with these people. Now, this is not to say they are stupid. But for some reason, about 5 or maybe 10 minutes into whatever the topic-at-hand might be, they slow down. Either due to lack of interest. Or simply because they have this feeling of being lost, and don’t have the ability to hold their own any longer. At first I thought this might have been due to my being a foreigner.

So out of courtesy, I slowed down my speech pattern, so as to allow them to better absorb what I was saying. That made no dent at all. In fact, it only worsened things at times, since they now though I was treating them as stupid.

Aaaah… The ego wants to come out and play now…

Almost immediately they get defensive in a kind sort of way, by trying to “impress” in some manner that only makes them appear even more foolish. Why is that? Does it have something to do with their education? Or lack there-of. Or it may just be the whole “Poor little Filipino” and/or “I am always the victim” mentality? What-ever the reason, Here are a few other possibilities:
  • The refusal to accept they are not always perfect.
  • The refusal to accept they are, or just might be wrong.
  • The inability to take blame or accept fault.
  • They either can’t take “No” for an answer. Nor, can they say “No” when they should.
  • The fearful chance there may just be a culture out there, that is better than they are.
I am sure, by now, you’re getting the picture. And for some strange reason (known only to God) these people can’t seem to get out of their own way. From being a simple broom pusher. All the way up to the President of this silly place. They have become their own train-wreck.
One would think that after nearly 400+ years of multiple, western influence, these people would have gotten some clue of how to operate when it comes to social behavior. Yet, here we are in the 21st century folks. And still these people have one of the most paper-thin egos I have ever seen.

So when in Christ’s sweet name are you people going to wake up and smell the river? You gotta do it sometime. Otherwise, you can forget about ever moving forward in a worthwhile (and socially acceptable) manner.

From a foreigners perspective. We really do find it laughable the way you try and stay afloat in our conversations. Rather than admitting you don’t know what’s going on. Or you may be unaware of a specific person we are talking about.

Believe me when I tell you. “It’s ok to admit you don’t have a clue about something.” We will actually respect you more that way. Rather than you talking so far out your ass, you can’t see straight.

3 comments for “The Filipino’s Biggest Problem: Their Paper Thin Ego

  1. Philip
    September 25, 2014 at 6:56 pm
    I’ve been a Call Center employee with various BPO companies taking in mostly foreign calls and interacting with foreign counterparts… and after 10 yrs of doing the job I somewhat understand our stupidity (from the simplest instructions that we cannot follow, like taking 3hrs over the phone just to learn copy & paste), our ego (wanting impossible things just because we are always victimized), and our sarcastic humor, until now… You wanna know why most of the people you talk to suddenly fall flat after a while during a conversation, its because we have probably detected that we can no longer continue, but we are too polite (as a nation) to just walk away from you or say it straight to your face that we are beyond what is happening. Just like the rest of them who pass judgement on us because we are different. Pinoys in general are polite even the lowly citizen would greet you with a smile and humor you to some point but when we do lose interest its because it might be too much for us to deal with. So please the next time you feel the need to pass judgement against a nation be sure to do it in a more subtle way. At times, it is too much for our “paper thin egos”.
  2. Arlyn
    September 26, 2014 at 12:41 am
    Well said kabayan! Cheerss….
  3. Bill Kasi
    September 29, 2014 at 2:23 pm
    A legitimate constructive criticism. Take notes, if you want to change for the better.

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