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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Filipino Stupidity Never Ceases To Amaze The World

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Rather than venture down some long-winded path, harping on such an amazing level of stupidity. I have decided to simply show you a list of what I know to be some of the best examples of stupidity ever perpetrated by a people. Upon themselves. And the world.

Unless otherwise specified, I shall not attempt to explain the reasoning behind my choices here. Because if you don’t know where you went wrong. Then you’re either too stupid to begin with. Or your paper-thin ego won’t allow you to accept it altogether.

So here we go folks…
  • EDSA1
  • Treating Cory Aquino as a saint.
  • Actually believing she has been Canonized.
  • Electing Nancy Binay to a Senate seat.
  • Electing Antonio Trillanes to a Senate seat.
  • Electing “Bam” Aquino to a Senate seat.
  • Electing Manny Pacquiao to Congress.
  • Not understanding what’s wrong with the aforementioned political figures.
  • Loving and treating Kris Aquino as your own sister. And not knowing why.
  • Your so-called leaders treating the Presidents SONA as if it’s the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globes.
  • You idiots watching it as if it actually was the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globes.
  • Blaming Ferdinand Marcos for all that’s wrong in your lives.
  • 30 years later. Still believing Marcos is the fault of it all.
  • Defending the belief that all Filipino’s are victims.
  • Claiming President BS Aquino is the best.
  • Allowing a Yellow Personality Cult to rule the country.
  • Believing the economy has improved.
  • Accepting ComElec’s answer to the 2013 mid-term 60-30-10 results favoring Aquino’s candidates as “coincidental”.
  • Not accepting the fact that you’re a 3rd world country.
  • Any Filipino who blindly follows the Manalo Cult, known as Iglesia Ni Cristo.
  • Listening (and believing) the annual Aquino (SONA) State of The Nation address.
  • Believing the MyPhone is a Philippine-made product.
  • Insisting on renaming Typhoons from their Internationally recognized names, to some goofy Filipino name.
  • Electing public officials, simply because they are cute. Or you just like their name.
  • Believing the AFP can defend the country.
  • It’s more fun in the Philippines.
  • Pinoy pride and trying to prove you’re all better than everyone.
  • Your Air Force bragging about how they spent 10 years to refurbish a C-130, all by themselves.
  • Your Navy actually has more Admirals, than it does boats.
  • Filipino driving tactics. Again, insisting you’re better at it.
  • No organized direction when walking down the street. Or in the Mall.
  • Doesn’t understand the term, “Right side of the road.”
  • Labeling Squatters as Informal Settlers.
  • Inability to stand in line or maintain any mental or physical semblance of organization.
  • Constantly getting drunk and actually taking the time to look for a fight.
  • Homicide is the cure-all answer to everything.
  • Rape seems to be a past-time.
  • The Judicial system labels almost everything as malicious mischief.
  • Believing President Aquino deserves a 2nd term.
  • Treating your celebrities as if they were family members. And not understanding that it’s an unhealthy fetish.
  • Comedian — and Senator wannabe — Ai Ai Delas Alas, at age 50 has announced she is banging some 20 year college student. And you idiots think it cute.
  • The ability to read a simple Facebook comment, combined with the inability to understand a single word. Only to start an argument that had absolutely nothing to do with the article to begin with.
  • Assuming by virtue of either being in, or having graduated college, this makes you more worldly than others. If you’re not sure of this. Refer to the statement directly above this one.
I would love to continue. But sadly, at this hour, it’s all I can come up with. As time goes on, or I wake in the middle of the night with something new, I shall add to this list.

Keep in mind you Filipino’s who may be reading this. The above is not just my opinion. It’s the same, the world over. Some of us even see moving to the Philippines as a source of great amusement. From watching the evening news. To seeing someone force their way IN through the OUT door. The stupidity of the Filipino never ceases to amaze.

Source: http://crossovermagazine.com/2014/07/filipino-stupidity-never-ceases-to-amaze-the-world/

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