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Saturday, April 3, 2010


A group of Cubans deserted their island. In the middle of their arduous journey to Miami, the oldest Cuban aboard, suffers a major heart attack and asks for a flag of his country, to bid good-bye to his dearest Cuba.

The other Cubans search desperately in their boat to find even anything that will resemble a flag of their country to fulfill the old man's last request.

A T-shirt, a handkerchief, etc. Exhausted and almost ready to give up all hope, a 20-year-old girl interrupts their desperate search and shyly tells them of her tattoo of the Cuban flagthat is inscribed on the left cheek of her buttocks.

The leader of their journey, persuades the girl to show it to the dying old man, and that she will be doing him a great favor.

The young girl slowly pulls down her shorts and lowers her underwear, showing the Cuban flag in a beautifully shaped tanned buttock. She approaches the dying man and sticks her ass right on his face.

The old man caresses the "flag," grabs the cheek with both hands and starts kissing the flag with great passion saying, "My dear Cuba, I bid good-bye to you with great sadness, my beautiful land, my flag, my Havana. I will miss you."

After doing this passionately for almost 15 minutes, he says to the girl, "Now chica, turn around, por favor. I want to kiss Fidel good-bye!"

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