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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kadiri the TAMBAYS! Yuck!

It’s good that President Duterte is going after these tambays. They’re so unsightly! I mean, what are they doing out in the streets anyway while the rest of us are at work or doing something productive?? Some of those who defend the “right” of these guys to be eyesores on our streets say it is because unemployment is high in the Philippines which is why there are a lot of idle people who just, well, make tambay. Well, hello, maybe cracking down on this yucky activity of making tambay (if you can even call that an activity!) will, at least, contribute a solution to unemployment!
Some parents kick their kids’ asses into action whenever they see them just lazing about at home. My guess is that the parents of these tambays are, themselves, slackers. As they say, the bayabas does not fall too far from the bayabas tree. Or maybe the parents of these misguided youths (although I see a lot of middle-aged men with big pot bellies among them) are, you guessed it, overseas foreign workers or OFWs. Ayun, chalk another one up for the ill effects of OFWism on our society! Whether it’s slack parenting or absentee parenting (in the case of OFWs), one thing’s for sure, the boot up the asses of these tambays needs to come from someone. And I am happy to see that Duterte is up to the task of supplying that boot.
I find it weird that these libertards are defending these tambays and making it look like making tambay is some kind of right or entitlement. They say that only because it is their nemesis, the President, who is behind the initiative. But then, on the other hand, it is these same liberals who will say that “men are dangerous in packs”. Well hello! Again! If you libertards haven’t noticed, most tambays come in packs — usually noisy packs holding bottles of beer or shots of cheap ginebra. Talk about selective feminism. First you demonize groups of men then you defend these groups of men on our streets who are obviously not up to any good.
Ano ba talaga??
Men in groups are more likely to wolf-whistle girls, so I can understand these “feminists” who demonize “groups of men”. So guess what: groups of men who make tambay are even more likely to wolf-whistle passing girls — specially when they set-up their drinking tables right on the sidewalk. One time I not only had to get off the sidewalk but take a detour across the street just to avoid a group of tambays in the middle of a drinking spree at five in the afternoon! And get this — even from across the street, they wolf-whistled me anyway.
It’s SO simple. Kelangan talaga dyan sa mga tambay ay TADYAKAN.
A group of tambays is a crime waiting to happen, so maybe more proactive policing of our streets is a good way to reduce even further the country’s crime rate. Get them off the streets before they get up to no good,kung baga. The math is simple. Who is more likely to commit a crime at nine in the evening, a nineteen-year-old loitering outside? Or a nineteen year old watching TV at home? Isip isip naman dyan, because the solution is SO obvious.

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