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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aquino’s Governance Gone Wild

Aquino’s Governance Gone Wild
What a ride these past few days have been. Don’t you notice that whenever charter change gets closer to the goal, monkey wrenches come flying out of the woodwork?
For instance, last year 2012 when Enrile and Belmonte were already discussing charter change – the CJ Corona Impeachment, RH bill, and CCT Subidy come to the fore.
This year 2013,when Belmonte had submitted the bill to amend the charter and it was already being discussed more openly. Then suddenly out of left field – another teleserye was launched that involved Napoles, Noynoy, and the bogeyman.

Zarzuela in Congress

It’s one helluva plot. A whistle is blown on Napoles. Napoles goes into hiding. Then Napoles surfaces in Malacañang. Then charges are filed against people who are considered inimical to Aquino’s political machine.
The haste and partiality is as consistent as was done in Corona’s time. The inconsistencies are also consistent.
All the while, Aquino’s handlers probably thought that by filing charges against a few and then say it’s the start of the “cleansing process” then the public will be appeased. This does not appear to be the case as the more cluey among us
see through the posturing and the mockery of the process

1 – Why is the COA audit limited to a few only?
2 – Why aren’t all lawmaker’s PDAF audited and disclosed to the public. If the public paid for it ? The public have a right to know how the money was used. And don’t give us the bullshit about national security interests – that only infuriates taxpayers some more.
3 – Why is the DBM withholding information about the disbursements of Aquino and his allies? It’s okay to disclose information about Aquino’s opponents – but not okay to disclose information about Aquino’s allies?
Obviously these were disconcerting questions which had to be buried by another subplot – one that’s drawn from the playbook called
domestic diversionary war.

Zarzuela in Zamboanga

It’s amazing how the media quickly drew the conclusion that it was the MNLF despite the categorical denial of the MNLF’s leadership.
Citizens are no longer falling for the lopsided coverage of corrupted mainstream media.
“Splinter groups” are a dime a dozen when people are illiterate, poor, and hungry. When options for improving one’s life are all closed to folks with minimal skillsets – all that’s left is raw rage and a desire for retribution. All that’s needed is a mischievous whisper in the ear, a supply of weapons and ammo – and the MNLF’s chain of command can be broken – and still make it appear that it was the MNLF.
The question really is who stands to gain if the public’s attention drawn to Zamboanga?
What issues other than Zamboanga are then tackled with business as usual? Here’s a sprinkling:
- Taxes and fees gone wild.
Local property tax hikes all over the country. Sin tax hikes for lousy tax-funded universal health care. A.O 31 gave blanket authority to increase gov fees for non-existent services.
Government spending gone wild.
PDAF budget was not eliminated nor refunded to taxpayers. It was realigned – as if the government line agencies are icons of spotlessness- from the frying pan to the fire. The budget deficit has expanded. Expect MORE taxation to help pay the deficit. A deficit by the way where only 30% was actually disbursed for the intended use – and 70% pocketed by Aquino’s porksters.
The 2014 budget has increased an Aquino’s pork barrel kitty now stands at a mind-boggling 1.3 trillion pesos. How will this be spent? Should it even be spent? How many taxpayers had to give up a meal, a movie, a vacation, a tuition fee, a medical payment, clothes just so Aquino and his porksters can redistribute your income so that their supporters will have a meal, a movie, a vacation, a tuition fee, a medical payment, clothes – all at your expense.
Corruption gone wild-ER.
And you thought Arroyo was wild. Aquino’s plunder is WILD-er. His pork barrel is bigg-ER. Fact of the matter is PDAF expanded under Aquino’s time – PDAF doubled under the Aquino administration – that’s twice the PDAF allocated in Arroyo’s time. The 2010 PDAF under Arroyo was P10.86 billion. By 2011, the Aquino administration alloted P24.62 billion to the PDAF.
Joblessness, Poverty, Hunger still wild.
Poverty has practically remained unchanged from 2006 to 1st semester of 2012. It was 23.4% in 2006, 22.9% in 2009, and 22.3% in H1 2012.
Subsistence poverty was 10.8% in 2006, 10.0% in 2009, and still 10.0% in H1 2012.
During the 1st semester of 2012, on the average, a poor family of five members needed a monthly additional income of P2,292 to move out of poverty.
This could have been easily augmented with a more dynamic open economy with more good paying jobs and without any income tax.
At the moment – we have a government increasing spending by 17%, plundering tax money like hell, and spending money like water while citizens have to eke out a living and cut down on their expenses because government wants more of your money.
What outcomes does it have to show for it? More misery. Why do Filipinos put up with the misery? For love of company? If true, this country is far doomed than we care to admit.
One thing’s for sure – as long as Filipinos give consent to an Aquino government gone wild, Filipinos will be living like wild animals scavenging for pagpag in an animal-eat-animal Philippines.

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